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Our Drive-In Worship from last Sunday morning was a success with a few challenges.  Of course every new thing you try has a learning curve.  And, much worse than trying and having a less than perfect effort, is to just play it safe and not try something new.

We counted 24 vehicles.  An average pf two persons per car gives us an attendance of about 50.  And we had 3 dogs!  I figure we should add them to the count!  When we include the live online attendance, and those who watch the worship later on Facebook, then we realize a lot of people are being blessed by the worship times of our church.  While we met, countless vehicles drove by and drivers witnessed our church in this gathering.  And they will remember that little church on the hill who made a special effort to worship God.  As I sat enjoying the  music, I watched the businessman across the street pull out his phone and take a pic of our meeting.  He is a nice man, a believer, and I think he wants to share with others what we were doing.

It did get a bit hot!  I keep my sermon notes on my Ipad for reference.  As my electronic tablet basked in the midday sun, it got so hot it shut off for safety.  So i had to finish the last half of the sermon without notes!  And I hope it did not detract too much from the intended message.  Maybe next time we have an outdoor service, we can set the stage away from direct sunlight?

We have decided to delay gatherings in the church building for one more month.  This is out of caution/respect for the most vulnerable of our congregation, the elderly and children.  So, it looks like we're aiming at the last Sunday of June.  in the grand scheme of time and life, we are thinking this delay of a few more weeks will show the greatest love for others.

These days, we have a great opportunity for spiritual growth and preparation for service.  There are several opportunities for worship and study with our church, online.  Maybe you would like to study through the book of Proverbs?  You can find the studies, led by our Pastor, on the church website.  Perhaps you need a Sunday School lesson?  Lucia and Barb can help you out, again on the church website.  And Janet is teaching a live class, online, every Sunday morning.  Ask and we will help you to connect.  Also, we are studying Philippians, live, on Wednesday evening on Facebook Live.

Church giving has been steady.  Thank you so very much for sharing electronically and by mailing your gifts.

I'm praying for you.  call me, text me, anytime!

Pastor David

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 

 - II Tim. 1:7

Bro. David

Bro. Dean


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