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Happy New Year

I have a sense of excitement for the well-being of Mt. Tabor as we enter the new year of 2018. The specifics are up to God, of course. And we must do our part in the process of God working through us-pray hard, work hard, stay unified and focused. Be patient! Right now I believe our spiritual family is strong. We enjoy being together and seem well-fitted to strengthen one another in our common mission. It is exciting to see God bringing people our way to become part of our fellowship and therefore make us even better. Some come from other churches. Most, though, have been drifting for a while and are simply looking for that special place to fit in and serve God. And they find it right here at our church. Just the other day I was chatting a fairly new attendee. She looked at me with a big smile, and volunteered that for her it has been a very good year. I asked why? She replied with great sincerity that I probably do not realize how much a blessing this church has been for she and her family! I did not say much, simply absorbed how warmed was my heart with that statement.

We’ve a lot of good things upcoming with the church calendar. The Revival will be Sunday through Wednesday, April 8-11. I am envisioning a wonderful time of strength and renewal for all.

Sometime between now and then, give me a call! We can have a cup of coffee together and pray for one another. “Iron sharpens iron…”

- Proverbs 27:17.

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