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Revival Is Coming!

Be sure to mark your calendar for Spring Revival, April 8-11. Meaning of Revival

This is pretty clear, especially this time of the year. It’s going on all around us. Awakening from a winter of dormancy, the trees and grass are starting to renew their greenery. The Japanese Cherry and Bradford Pear trees, so prevalent in this area, are awash with beautiful colors. Flowers pop up all around. Birds, squirrels, and frogs become active. And yes, dreaded pollen will soon once again be all around. Life has been there all along, but has been taking a break, asleep. But no more! The call is heeded to burst forth with all its energy and beauty. Such is characteristic of revival. And likewise this needs to happen with the church. Energy, restoration, strengthening. It’s Springtime for God’s people!

The Need Sometime along the way, for every person and every church, comes the need for God to do a personal work of renewal. We get lethargic and tired. Zest is lost. We start going through the motions. Most do not quit, but if they will be honest, will admit that something is lacking.

Our Plans Thus we have scheduled our Spring Revival. Here are some ingredients: Powerful preaching from great men of God like Hugh Townsend of the Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association of Churches, Tim Brogan of First Baptist Grayson, and James Rowell from Generations Church in Norcross. Their words will instruct, strengthen, and challenge. Great music and testimony from folks such as Fred Wilson from Yielded Men Ministries, and John Jones sharing in concert. We plan a men’s focus on Sunday evening, and ladie’s focus on Tuesday.

And there’s lots more!

How It Can Happen This Revival can certainly be a highlight experience for our church. But we must be clear: renewal, reenergizing, restoration- whatever words we choose to use to denote a restoration of spiritual vitality- does not begin with a collective experience. It starts with the individual. You experience renewal of your passion for God and the things of God. And then you pass it along! It makes you joyful in the Lord, and is naturally contagious. Let’s do it!

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