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As you read this, our church Revival is just a few days away, April 8-11! I believe this to be a major event for our church. Perhaps we will one day look back, Mt. Tabor being better and stronger and more focused than we have been in decades because of the transforming work of God during this event? And perhaps some of those reading these very words will experience a life change, to be forever changed because of our Revival? Let me remind you of a couple of additions to the already exciting schedule: Our men are having breakfast at 6 pm of Sunday evening, then Fred Wilson of Yielded Men Ministries will talk with us, from his heart, about living the life of a godly man. Then we gather with everybody for 7 pm worship, where Fred will share a testimony and James Rowell will be our guest speaker. And on Monday all will meet at 6 pm (men and women!) for light refreshments, then Mark Mirza of Common Thread Ministries will share with us how to spend 30 minutes with the Lord. Also, Mark will share a testimony during the evening worship, with Tim Brogan being our guest speaker. Of course Tuesday is Ladies Focus- though everybody is expected for 7 o’clock worship, and Wednesday is music night with John Jones. This is all quite exciting. Please support all of it, and we will have an amazing week!

As your pastor I am an observer of much that is happening. A church is never static- change is always at work! -God is moving. People are becoming more like Christ, less like the world. Where is God at work in your life? It is important to help Him, not hinder Him, with this. -The Devil is there. He wants to stifle the work of the Spirit. He wants to make you unhappy. You’re the key, and he is after you! Tell him no. Resist him, and he will flee.(James 4:7)

See you Sunday, with a smile on your face and Bible in your hand!

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