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I found a hammer. It was in the South parking lot of the church, on the ground next to the big wooden cross.

Now I do not know how it got there. Maybe it fell from the car of a worshipper? I think, since it is purple and lightweight, it likely belonged to a lady. So should you look into your purse and find that your hammer is missing, give me a call! As you may know by now, someone crawled under the church bus in the wee hours of the morning to saw-off the catalytic converter. Perhaps the hammer belongs to this perpetrator? So if you did this and need your hammer back, then by all means give me a call- I know a police officer who would like to return it to you. Or, maybe we should leave it right where it was found, at the foot of the cross? Those big nails were driven into the hands and feet of Jesus, and somebody had to do it. I’m thinking it was not a criminal, nor an especially evil person, but just a soldier doing his job. Probably he had a family and bills to pay. He served his country. It is possible he worshiped regularly and tried to live a good life. Fact is, all of our sins put Jesus on the cross. Nobody gets a pass. So, just maybe, when we come to church we should walk up to that cross and pick up the hammer, and be reminded, and thank God for His forgiveness? There is something else to remember about a hammer- it is a tool, intended for work. A hammer was used to put the beams together to build that cross. Lots of hammers were employed in the construction of this old church building. When you see a church, in reality you see a worksite. So, I’m thinking as I look at this discarded tool, it would be a good idea to bring our hammers to church- carry them right there in the same hands with which we carry our Bibles! Perhaps walking up the ramp or steps, you will see a nail that needs tamping down? This old building can always use some tightening and straightening. But, of course, there is a lot of other work to be done. And I think you probably catch my drift. We are building lives here at Mt. Tabor. And families. We are tearing down strongholds of Satan, and constructing the Kingdom of God board by board. It is a lot of hard work. Sometimes we even have to tear down the old stuff and start over.

Sometimes we sing, “We’ll Work, Till Jesus Comes”. So, where’s your hammer?

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