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Thoughts About The Upcoming Women's Conference of July 20-22

Advice I received long ago, still true: If you want to see God do something good, then find a place where He is at work and plug yourself in.So where is God particularly at work in our church, right now? With my observation I can point out a few places. Our worship is strong, energized, impassioned. God’s Spirit is felt, there is an on-the-edge-of-the-seat sense that the Lord is up to something good when we gather to praise Him and feed from His Word. Also, God is up to something good with our giving. No we are not breaking records and the church is not getting rich. But because of sacrificial, even “cheerful” giving, needful preparation and progress is taking place in this local church. I think we are prepping for the next significant movement of God’s Spirit.

And God is doing something special in our women’s ministries. We could recognize some personalities, and indeed God puts particular people in your midst to advance His purposes. But instead, let us praise God. Any of us are only special, and useful, when we are at the place He wants us to be doing the work He wants us to do. So the ladies of our church seem pumped and energetic. I watch them be faithful to their tasks of service, see them as they work for the Lord in so very many capacities, and hear them as they pray with fervency. Now they are preparing to host the Women’s Conference. I think this will be our best, because our ladies are currently at their peak as a unit focused on the Lord. Many of those now stepping to the forefront have come a long ways from the days they mostly just sat in a pew. As pastor, I like how these ladies are growing in their faith. They open Bibles as we study the Word, ask questions in our studies, and often share personal prayer needs and growth experiences. I enjoy their texts, calls, and testimonies.

So what will be happening at the Women’s Conference? I do not know, it’s just for women! Of course there will be singing and studying. And eating! I’m pretty sure, before the last bell, more than once they will all be clumping together for tears and prayers and a big group hug. Thank the Lord for ladies.

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