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Going To The Doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctor, not something I do very often. I have been healthy my entire life- never hospitalized, never broken a bone, never a serious health threat that I can remember. Of course none of that is a guarantee for a healthy tomorrow. Well, last year, my wife convinced me to have a colonoscopy. It was not fun. So in the last several months symptoms have emerged causing me to seek the help of a health care specialist. I discovered that appointments are hard to make, paperwork profuse, and insurance requirements exact. But eventually I wound up in a tiny little room, sitting in my underwear, introducing myself to the physician. And I think that is the only occasion for which I would be even a little bit comfortable with that scenario! He looked at me, and just as quickly pronounced what he thought to be the problem. He had to do a couple of biopsy snips, again no fun, all the while assuring me things were treatable and curable. A couple of times he said, cheerfully, that I do not have cancer. To be honest, I never even thought about it, until he mentioned the word. I guess lots of people who go to the doctor fear they have cancer? So in about 15 minutes I was out the door, lighter in the wallet for sure, but confident I would be OK. That is a great feeling.

I trust the doctor. But I still verify. Arriving home I looked up the diagnosed condition on my computer, carefully studied articles and accompanying photos. Yep, I felt assured he was right. When need arises, I think I would like to see this same doctor again. And sometime I would like to be able to shake his hand while I’m wearing a full set of clothing.

As a child, I was instilled with great respect for physicians. I believed my doctor was the smartest man in town. My mom told me our physician was also a lay-speaker in church. I did not doubt- in my little estimation, he knew as much about God as medicine. Of course now I know better. There is no longer a child-like faith in a physician. I ask questions. I study what they recommend. And sometimes I disagree. Surely a good doctor would expect, even encourage such consideration.

Sometimes, with God, such skepticism and thorough study just does not work. Sometimes with God you cannot trust and verify. You just have to trust! That is not easy with me. I want to think I am smart and be in control. I want to think nobody cares about me as much as I do, so I must have the final say. It works with a doctor. But God doesn’t respect such rules. Sometimes He does not tell us his plan, nor even the steps along the way. And He stubbornly insists upon being in control. I am thinking that is why we are to call Him “Lord”. Another term I have heard used in describing God is “Great Physician”. I like it. He is a physician you and I will have to learn to trust totally. And we can because He loves us. We go to Him for care. He examines, diagnoses, prescribes treatment and medication, and even asks for payment. So do not argue with him, do not self-diagnose, and please do not ignore his guidance. You are not that smart, or dumb. Right?

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