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We’ve some major repair work on the church property hopefully soon to be completed. Check out the church basement, where you will see new walls, paint, and carpeting. Outside you should see new gutters, windows sealed, and bushes trimmed. We have new front doors, and the church bus equipped with running boards. All is for the glory of God. And, all costs money! Proper maintenance of the church property will only happen when the people are faithful to give. While this is God’s church, the building is entrusted to our care. So thank you for your faithfulness.

I took a Wednesday night off from leading the adult worship to go back and work with the children. Bro. Dean did a fine job in leading the prayer meeting. And I enjoyed the children as we watched some Christian teaching videos, talked a bit, and enjoyed refreshments. Those folks who work with the children on Wednesday evenings are a blessing to our church. But it is sort of an “out of sight out of mind” matter. Because their work is not readily visible, it often goes unnoticed. The same is true for many jobs in the church, like nursery workers, money counters, sound technicians, kitchen committee, etc. So I want to say on behalf of the church- thank you for the quiet and often unrecognized work so many of you do in your service. You have a wonderful promise from the scriptures: “...your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you.” - Matt. 6:6.

We are invited for a boat ride on Joe’s boat, Saturday Sept. 8. You can find the details elsewhere, or give us a call. You’re invited! Part of this great time will be a “Red Back Singing” using the old gospel hymn books. I remember those, actually know about 70% of the songs. This is the church music I grew up with. I can sing bass to a lot of the songs, and know the male parts of many of the choruses. It will be fun. There’s nothing wrong with gospel music!

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