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It's What You Say, But Also How You Say It!

I had a little conversation with my wife one morning, recently. Communication is the key, right? So first I told her that she got for me the wrong kind of nasal decongestant- she got the pump spray with the lid that tends to come off in my pocket, and from now on to please get just the regular type. Then I said, and maybe this was a mistake, "Something else you did wrong-". She looked at me with eyebrow raised. But this is honest interaction, right? "The shampoo you've been getting is for dry hair. I don't have dry hair. I like just plain ole, good quality, regular stuff." She gave me a reply. And I will not go into word-for-word details. But I guess I will be securing my own such supplies from now on. Gee. Can't she handle just a little honest communication?

Communication indeed is the key to relationships. But it has to be considered conversation- honest, but not just saying whatever you would like without consideration for the effect upon the other person. The truth is important. And we must always speak the truth. But the Bible instructs that we are to be “..speaking the truth in love”- Eph. 4:15. Some people brag about their brutal honesty. In my opinion, raw honesty spoken without a true seeking for the highest good of the other person, is anything but helpful. As followers of Jesus Christ, you and I are made for Heaven. We will spend eternity with fellow believers in that wonderful place. And part of the purpose of this life is preparation for that better place. We are learning such things as God’s love, God’s kindness, God’s capacity to treat others with respect and dignity. So, how well are you doing in this “school of life”?

Sometimes family members tend to talk in the most harsh of ways to one another. I guess we feel we can set aside precaution, be absolutely straight with our words and ways? Well, no! “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” - Eph. 5:25. Gentleness, kindness, thoughtfulness- there is always a place for these attitudes. Let’s do it!

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