Some things I am Excited About...


Summer is just about here. And, of course, Mt. Tabor keeps rolling, keeps ministering, keeps loving in the name of Jesus. Here are a few things I am excited about… STUDYING EZEKIEL

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm, after our community prayer time, we’ve jumped into a systematic study of this Old Testament book. I’m excited because this is something most church groups never get around to studying. Ezekiel is a prophet of God, he is ministering to some people who are hurting and sinning, and he has some things that need to be said. The guy does some bizarre stuff to get his message across. I think you will thoroughly enjoy this study and find much practical application for your life.


Barbara King has put together this interesting evening for our Women's Ministries with a first gathering on May 24, and others to follow in the coming months. This involves a physical gathering at the church, but also a virtual get-together through the magic of the internet. I’m very much wanting to know how this fares. And I’m fearful you just cannot do snacks online! This proves to me our ladies are fearless when it comes to ministry.


Wakil and McKenzie have been part of our church for many years, having grown up in our midst. In the next week they will be graduating from High School. Both are smart, well-grounded, and have bright futures ahead. It excites and humbles me to have an important influence in the lives of young people. This church has done well to love them.


Recently God has blessed us with the stirring of the baptismal waters! This continues as, soon, Gus Wilson will enter the baptistry to share his testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus and commitment to this church. What a courageous thing for anyone, and especially for a young man just becoming grounded in life. Of course, there can be no better foundation!

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL It’s happening, the best outreach event of the entire year! Our VBS will take place June 2-6, Sunday through Thursday, 6:30-8:30 p.m. We are looking for all who love our church to invite all they can, so we can have the greatest impact upon the lives of children. It is a tiresome week for sure, and I commend all who make the sacrifice for the sake of God’s love. And it is a rewarding week to be able to love and teach children about Jesus. Let’s get it rolling!

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