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A Good Job for a Bi-vocational Pastor - A Barber

I am thinking a good job for a bi-vocational pastor would be a barber. Think about it- you have a captive audience not going anywhere for about 20 minutes, and he or she is probably going to be nice to you since you are holding a sharp object. You can talk to him about the Lord, church, or the Bible. And I have also noticed that people tend to tell their barber lots of things, even private and personal stuff. I may not know how to cut hair. But, that does not stop some hair stylists! Maybe I will take an online course, become a certified barber. Keisha has been cutting my hair for over 10 years, and she’s great. I tell her that her job is to make me look good. She will stare blankly for a moment, then say she will do the best she can. I know it is a tough job. We will talk about all kinds of stuff- family, church, the weather. And next thing you know I’m telling her things I probably should not. And I think it works both ways. Maybe I know things about Keisha that would make me rich if I were that kind of person. And this is reason why all of you should be nice to your pastor! So I was asking her about her clientele, if she has much of a turnover? She said her clients are amazingly reasonable and faithful. Well, I knew she had an increase in rates in the last year, so I asked how many she lost because of the matter? She said none, that good people understand that the cost of living goes up and sometimes you have to raise your prices. I was not listening too much to the rest of the conversation, because I kept thinking about her description of these good customers, with whom she has related well for many years- reasonable and faithful. These words should be a good description of church members. We spend a lot of time and effort building relationships and coming to know and love one another. So why in the world would we be inclined to end it just because some things may not go our way? Besides, the church I pastor has not had a membership-charge increase in the over 15 years I’ve been around! The cost remains the same: “Christ bought us with His blood and made us free…” - Galatians 3:13. Thus I am rather sure the cost of membership in God’s church is higher than the cost of a haircut. You cannot pay enough. It cost the blood of Jesus! Therefore we are to love the church, to give and live sacrificially as the church. A little boy was at home for Sunday lunch, listening to his parents complain about the worship service. The mom thought the music was bad, and dad considered the sermon to be dry and boring. The little boy asked mom how much they put in the offering plate? She said a dollar and some change. The little guy quoted a truism he had heard from his parents many times, “You get what you pay for!” Well, I do not want a bargain haircut. Do you? God’s church- those who gather together, having in common a personal relationship with God through the cross and resurrection of Jesus- cost an enormous amount. So let us treat it as the most precious of items. Will you join me in making church an absolute priority, and to give our church the very best we have day in and day out? Keep having a great Summer. Need a haircut? You know who to call.

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