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August Notes

August is here, and along with it one more lazy month of Summer. So let’s talk about what is coming at church, and I will give you some opinions of course!

So what’s happening with Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting? We continue to gather to pray and study the Bible midweek at 7 pm. Some of you are taking a break! And I think it is time for you to come back. To me, Wednesday evening gathering is quite important for your spiritual health. We call it “hump-day”, strength is needed to get through the remainder of the week. So, prayer and Bible study with your church family helps with that needed shot of energy. Try it, or re-try it. You will find me in the auditorium with doctor’s bag in hand, ready to administer your dosage. Well, actually it’s a Bible. Mt. Tabor Women’s Ministries are hosting another Let’s Chat on Friday, August 23. Barb is live-streaming these events, which I think is fantastic. People wanting this ministry can easily find us on a computer or smart-phone and readily join-in with the studies and fellowship. I watched it! Maybe there are a few kinks to iron out, and that just makes it more real. I understand that dozens of ladies, from near and far, tuned-in last month. And we expect the on-line attendance to continue to grow. This is motivating me to want to live-stream a Sunday School class and Sunday morning worship. We can do it. I could use the help of a few who are more tech-savvy than myself. Any volunteers? We will dedicate new teachers and officers for the upcoming church year on Sunday morning, August 25. For some reason, and we’ve always done it this way and probably always will, the new church year begins in September and not January! So on that particular morning of worship, we will introduce the servant-leaders of Mt. Tabor and lift them up to the Lord in prayer. As pastor I say thank you for wanting to serve in our church. The pay is fantastic- it’s just not in dollars and cents! But serving God, helping the church, is rewarding. I salute your commitment, and will help you in any way I can. Revival will be October 27-30. Mark your calendar. Start praying. Invite friends and neighbors. See you at church!

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