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Patience At Christmas-How Not To Do It

I have about four weeks until Christmas. I have already received my Christmas present, opened it and played with it. And I wish I had not. Here is how it happened: My wife- it is easiest to blame her- was telling me what she wants for Christmas. I replied that Santa may put it under the tree, but she would have to wait until Christmas day to open it. She told me she was an adult and should not be forced to do it that way. We bantered back and forth about the matter for a few days, and she seemed resolved to go to the store and buy her own stuff and go ahead and enjoy it. So I got to thinking more about what I wanted. In my mind it looked more and more enticing. Next thing you know, the item was in a box sitting on my kitchen table. I let it stay there for a few days just out of guilt. But now it is opened, thoroughly examined, and here beside me on the desk even as I type this article. As a kid my gifts would sit wrapped and under the tree until Christmas day. And I will admit that sometimes I cheated, just a little. With patience and precision, I was able to undo tape and unwrap gifts so that I had seen everything that was under the tree, then put them back in place with the appearance of having never been touched. I feigned surprise on Christmas morning, of course. Probably my kids have done the same, although they have yet to admit it.

There is something about waiting, anticipation, that makes the full enjoyment of the gift most special. I finally realize it. My current Christmas gift is nice. But the waiting and wanting was even better.

“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” - Titus 2:13 (KJV). Just as Christ appeared on the first Christmas, breaking into our world with His presence and love and leaving us never the same- so He will one day come again and carry those who know Him into a higher and eternal realm of living. It is what the Bible describes as our “blessed hope”. It is a matter of great anticipation, a yearning, a desire filling us with excitement and joy even as we wait. Maybe that is why we do not get to have the gift in its entirety just yet? It is going to be amazing to see Him face-to-face, to rise to meet Him in the air and step on the clouds! Right now we must wait. But a really good thing, like your Christmas Gift, is worth the wait.

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