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Definitely Time For Revival

Momma used to stand at the back door of the house and yell out into the yard, “Come and get it!” Within just a few minutes, kids and their friends would come from all directions to fill their famished faces with her good cooking. I remember as a child attending Revival services at the little neighborhood church. Revivals were a week long, and sometimes included morning as well as evening services. The guest evangelists would stay in the homes of church members. They were men who specialized in evangelistic preaching, which involved loud and hard proclamation and a concerted effort to get folks to the altar. I was just a kid, but I remember the preachers were good at telling stories and vividly portraying the horrors of Hell and the splendors of Heaven. Lots of “amens” would echo through the sanctuary. And, indeed, conversions would happen. Lots of good-ole-boys, and some not so good, found Jesus at those old-time revival meetings. Today, if I want, I can find fault with how we did things back then. But I continue to believe God is a lot more involved in a humble effort that may not be perfect as opposed to a well-oiled machine that is set to spinning without any real conviction. Revival is coming for Mt. Tabor. And you can read the details in this newsletter. What’s going to happen, and will it make a difference? Possibly we will experience a significant moving and empowering from God within our church. And that will make a major difference. John, our evangelist, is booked solid and preaches revivals all over the country. In his time he has seen some spectacular movements of God’s Spirit in all kinds of churches. Churches get focused on the right things, men and women rededicate their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, lots of people attend the meetings because they are invited by the members of the church. And folks are saved, because they are brought by those who love them to come hear the gospel. But John tells us he will come and preach to whoever shows up for the meetings.

Kevin, our music leader, sings for the Lord at churches all over Georgia. He has a great voice, and also is quite gifted with the trumpet. His testimony is riveting- he stepped away from the Lord for a while, but later found renewal and passion through a deeper relationship with Christ. He will be in concert on Saturday evening, and also share songs and testimony during every service. Both of these men, I believe, are especially picked to minister to us. I can hardly wait to see what is going to transpire in those 5 worship services. Other words for revival? Renewal. Re-energizing. Re-focusing. Mt Tabor needs it. I need it. It is a high probability that you need it. I believe the Lord is standing at the door of Mt. Tabor and calling out to all who will hear, “Come and get it!” I hope you’re hungry and ready to be filled.

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