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A Sunday Afternoon Stroll

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I decided for my “big weekly walk” that I would walk from the church to my home, a distance of about 3 ½ miles. Sidewalks have now been installed for the entire distance. I drive this journey several times daily in my car. But this would give me the opportunity to experience it in a whole new way! So Debbie dropped me off- she had no interest in the adventure. And it was fun. My feet were aching at the end. But now I can always remember the sights and sounds and couple of near-death experiences of that little afternoon stroll. As you know, there are lots and lots of drivers always on our roads. And some are oblivious to pedestrians- so crosswalks and parking lot entrances can be hazardous. I survived. Indeed I saw lots of things that I would have overlooked otherwise. As I strolled aside the busy thoroughfare, I thought about how the old-timers tell me that Buford Highway was once a two lane road with few intersections and seldom traveled. I stopped to examine a bush with big red berries, likely remaining from a homesight now long gone. And I took a few minutes to look at the nice RVs at a renal business, thinking I would love to one day travel cross-country in one of these. I guess I will just have to keep on wishing! The most interesting place was along the side of Duluth Highway. I spied an old and rusty wrecker truck, probably at least 75 years of age. It was sitting in an overgrown field surrounded by weeds, begging me to take pictures. As I got closer to snap a few photos, I was startled by a lady and man sitting off to the side and under a tree. They were friendly, and we chatted for a few minutes. She said they sometimes stop here just to relax and admire the old vehicle. Then she asked if I had noticed the other sites at this place? I was a bit wary, as of course we must be in this day and time. But I took the tour. Nearby in an open space was a bathtub, as if you could sit down and take a bath and watch the cars go by. There was a pretty koi pond, now neglected and empty of fish. And, built aside the buildings were several facades of rooms- living room, kitchen, etc. They were quite convincing in appearance. I asked this couple if they knew the story of this place? They have been stopping here for years, but do not know the history. Well, I checked the front of the building, and a prominent occupant is a photography studio. So I am rather sure these are backdrops for photography purposes.

I think all of us tend to get too focused on our routines, our daily stuff, and overlook the interesting and the beautiful that is right there in our midst if we would just look! To slow down, take a breath, and open our eyes is important. Otherwise, we waste far too much. I am thankful to God for the little but important things of life, like the opportunity to take an afternoon stroll, see new things and meet new people. I was glad to meet Daphne and her husband/boyfriend. She says they walk this way often. Maybe I can bring them to church one day?

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