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A Walk In The Park


My favorite local place for a walk is McDaniel Farm Park, only about 2 miles from both the church and my home. It is a lovely place for strolling amidst the forests, streams, and meadows- almost making one forget this still is bustling Gwinnett County! One section of the walking path that I especially enjoy is a cool and quiet stretch under some big oaks, and I have dubbed it the Prayer Chapel. Sometimes I will have the place to myself for about 10 minutes. It just feels that God is near, and conversation with Him easy. My eyes are open to the sights and sounds of nature. And I pray as I go. It starts with praise, and moves to thanksgiving. I ask God’s blessings and guidance on my family, friends, and church. It seems easy and natural when I’m walking in the woods! Usually I will see some big and lazy deer. They know they are safe, and continue to graze as I walk by. The other day I was startled by a house cat chasing a rabbit. The rabbit got away, because he could change directions a lot better than the cat. In my opinion cats should not be out messing with nature like that. And it is a reminder to me that nature, while lovely, is also brutal. Little creatures get killed and eaten by predators. I am glad that God will adjust nature one day in His coming Kingdom (Isa. 11:6). On pretty days the park is quite busy. People of all sizes, colors, and ages like to walk. I find it curious how many will wear masks and even face shields when out in the open. But, that is their business, and they have not asked my opinion!

A favorite spot of mine is a bench, on a hillside, above a rolling stream and adjacent to a bridge. It is shaded and comfortable. I’ve thought several times this to be the very place where persons of differing opinions should sit and iron out their differences. If folks would just talk and pray, they could almost always find a way to agree. Well, this time sitting at my favorite bench were two ladies, and by appearance I guessed one to be Asian and the other African-American. I walked by again in about 30 minutes, and they were still there. As I got closer and listened (because I can be nosy) I heard one say, “And Lord, please send revival on our land. We need the sweep of your power.” They were praying! How wonderful. And yes, Lord please send revival. I encourage you to take a prayer walk. And, pray for revival.

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