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As we move out of these 15 months of pandemic-hampered church, and into what in many respects is a new beginning, I share some thoughts as pastor and friend of Mt. Tabor: This pandemic may shape us, but it should not define us. It has been a struggle, we have wrestled with it. We have handled it as best we could, not with perfection of course. And now we move forward. Jesus says to put the hand to the plow and not look back (Luke 9:62). I think that means for us, come September, it is full-speed ahead as Christians and as church! We will continue to offer online worship. All of us will find occasion when that is the best option. And for some it is truly a refreshing lifeline. Absolutely as soon as you can, please come back to gather physically with your brothers and sisters in Christ to worship, learn, and serve together. I know human nature. Some of us can become too comfortable, too fast. Let us strive for excellence in everything we do, especially for the Lord.

Things will not be the same around here. And I think that is OK. I understand as we get older, we are most comfortable with the steady and the common. And change can be a threat. Some things are meant never to change, like the gospel and the passion of God’s people to reach this lost and dying world with His love. Methods, strategies, places have to change with the times. That’s life. Let’s hang on to what is essential and adapt where needed. A good church can do that and still be faithful to the Bible and the Lord. God puts together those needed to be a healthy church. That is you and I. We can wish for this and that, wring our hands and get gloomy about the future. Or, we can roll up our sleeves and do all we can to be our very best. Mt. Tabor has a vital mission. And nobody else is going to do the job assigned to us by the Lord. Everybody must do his or her part, no exceptions. It is a matter of accountability, foremost to God. See you Sunday!

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