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Someone I know, not me of course, used to make home-made wine. He would put the ingredients in a big jar, cover with muslim cloth, and let it ferment for several months. Sometimes the stuff would sour, sometimes it would turn out good. But he never knew until he tasted the product.

2020 surely has been a fermenting process for all of us. Speaking for me, personally and as a minister, I have never experienced such a time of testing. And the November elections have not made things any better! Using the analogy of my friend’s wine (he was a Methodist!), will these months of stirring and boiling leave us better or worse, sweet or bitter? I can see that some have already failed the test. You can sense it in their despair and feel it in their negativity. Me? I’m trying not to gain 100 pounds. I’m trying to stay close to the Lord. And I am trying to be salt and light in this dark world in which we live. I am not surprised when people of the world allow circumstances to overwhelm. But, we followers of Christ should never claim to be overly connected with this world, it’s values or emotions. We love Jesus. He gives us our heartbeat. How do you smile when in pain, how do you see light in the midst of darkness? The world is surely asking these questions right now. You can give the right answer! Mt. Tabor continues to march forward as the Church Triumphant. Attendance and giving remain steady. We stay in touch, and are thankful for modern means to do so. We love our neighbors. And we do not demand that the world be nice to us. Covid-19 will not defeat us. We are more than conquerors through Christ. The Savior lives in us and through us. So we say Merry Christmas, and look forward confidently to the New Year.

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